About Me

I am a Charlotte-based creative with over 10 years of industry experience. I could write something witty about myself in paragraph form, but I figured it would be better to share it as a list—we live in an era of 140 characters or less, after all.
Aries / INTJ.
I spent most of my childhood traveling on an airplane.
I love learning languages.
I am ambidextrous.
I practice yoga to stay focused (and sane).
I collect Vogue Italia/L’uomo Vogue magazines and Criterion Collection DVDs.
I still write in cursive.
I take way too many pictures.
I like to try new restaurants—I eat a lot.
I have stacks of field notes, moleskine journals and sketchbooks filled with clippings and random notes.
I love YouTube (esp. BuzzFeed videos and vlogs).